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Florida is known around the world for its sandy white beaches, warm temperatures, mild winters and an active outdoor lifestyle year-round!

Florida Weather & Seasonal Benefits:

Florida is known as the Sunshine State. Mild winters have made it a haven for full-time and part-time residents to escape from cold and snowy winters. Coastal breezes and summer showers provide a pleasant relief from the extended days of sunshine in the summer.

Average Annual Temperatures:

80.5 (F) degrees (26.9 C) (North Florida)
82.7 (F) degrees (28.2 C) (South Florida)

53.0 (F) degrees (11.7 C) (North Florida)
68.5 (F) degrees (20.3 C) (South Florida)

Water Temperature

The water temperature for the Gulf of Mexico (West Coast) ranges from the low to mid 60s in winter and up into the 80s during the summer months. Atlantic Ocean waters (East Coast) are several degrees cooler. The warm sun shines year round on the white sandy beaches.


Over 600 miles of beaches along the Atlantic ocean and Gulf of Mexico

1,800 miles of coastline
More than 11,000 miles of rivers, streams & waterways
11 National Parks
161 State Parks
Lush landscape that offers a variety of activities for nature lovers
Everglades National Park encompasses over 1.5 million acres of protected land

Entertainment Benefits

More than 1,250 golf courses
Home of Disney World and theme parks making Florida the top travel destination in the world
12 international airports
14 deep water ports
Home of the space industry representing $4.1 billion of the state's economy
World class shopping and dining
Professional sports teams including football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer
Over 400 museums plus an abundance of live theater, opera companies, orchestras and art galleries
More than 50 Botanical Gardens

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Financial Benefits:

  • No individual state income taxes!

  • Low cost of living

  • Florida doesn’t collect a state death or estate tax

  • Many asset protection benefits, including the Florida Homestead Law

  • Florida offers property tax benefits for a primary residence

  • Florida is home to many top wealth strategists, tax advisors and estate planning professionals


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